Notice of Discontinuance of Water Wipes Distributorship

Effective 30-Dec-2020, Yaanni Healthcare does not represent Water Wipes products in India, or in any other country.

Effective 30-Dec-2020, Yaanni Healthcare Pvt Ltd does not carry any water wipes stock, nor distribute, nor sell any WaterWipes products in India, or in any other country. The last products we sold had a shelf life of 03/20/2020. Also, effective this date, we do not represent Irish Breeze in any way whatsoever.

Any product that may currently be sold online or at any retail store with our name are fake products with expired shelf life and should not be purchased. Please note that Yaanni Healthcare is not associated in any way with the sale of these products.

Welcome to Yaanni

Welcome to Yaanni


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Integrity in
thought & action

Commitment to
quality of life for all

Valuing & highlighting women in leadership

Operational excellence & financial stability

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Yaanni Healthcare is named in the memory of Prahaan’s mother, for her continuing selfless service and unwavering commitment to live a lifetime of caring for those in need.

Yaanni Healthcare (YHC) is a women-centered healthcare business development organization, committed to enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve. YHC proactively supports physically, socially and economically disadvantaged women across the Indian sub-continent.

The Yaanni Edge

Exclusive Distributorship

Exclusive importing, marketing and distribution of world class health products and services for SAARC and other countries in the Indian sub-continent

Trustworthy Alliance

Continuously seeking meaningful marketing and distribution alliances in international and domestic environments

Control & Availability

Relationships streamlined to accomplish control & supply of goods & services

Penetration of Products

Building Brand Image for Products
Diligent online and offline marketing campaigns to build sustainable Brand Image for products in local markets


Diligently pursue multiple channels in local markets in each cities

Ethical Stability

Strong commitment to consistent ethical standards

Right Channel Approach

Appropriate online and offline channels by geographic area across India

Strong Customer Orientation

Proactive and sensitive responsiveness to customer needs


Products and Services addressing specific health concerns of both sexes and by age group

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